How to Move a Billiard Table

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How to Move a Billiard Table

A common misconception is that it’s easy to move a billiard table yourself, however, pool and billiard tables vary in weight and need an expert to move them. Smaller tables will weigh at least a couple of hundred kilograms, while a full-sized table can weigh 1200 kg.


This makes it nearly impossible for people to move their own tables, and removalists often struggle as tables need to be dismantled properly in order to preserve their integrity. We specialize in dismantling tables safely and efficiently and then relocating them to your new location. We treat your billiard table like it’s our own!
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Note the grey slate in this picture, this is very heavy.

Too often we’ve seen people spend a day or more trying to dismantle their table, only to get stuck or then realize they can’t move the slates. A pool or billiard table is an investment and we hate to see people waste their time or energy on a job, rather than choose an expert who can do it quickly, safely, and efficiently. Billiard tables really need to be worked on by an experienced professional.


Many tables have a large slab of slate inside them, which is something you don’t want dropped or cracked. A broken slate can very rarely be fixed.


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