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How to Maintain My Billiard Table?

Maintaining a billiard table is essential to ensure it remains in good playing condition and retains its appearance over time. Tables need to be maintained to ensure optimal playing performance and to preserve the aesthetics of the table


Here are some key tips for maintaining your billiard table:


  1. Brush and Clean the Playing Surface:
    • Brush the playing surface with a specialized billiard table brush before and after each game. This removes dust, chalk residue, and other debris that can affect ball roll.
    • Avoid using abrasive materials or household cleaners on the cloth, as they can damage it. Instead, use a billiard table cleaner or a slightly damp, clean cloth.
  2. Protect the Cloth:
    • Always use a clean cue ball to prevent staining the cloth. Dirty or chalk-covered cue balls can leave marks on the cloth.
    • Avoid spilling drinks or food on the table, as liquids and stains can be challenging to remove from the cloth.
    • Recloth if necessary. Most tables are covered in green cloth, however, there are over a dozen different colors that can be chosen when getting a table reclothed.
    • At WBA Billiards we use the best quality cloth when reclothing a table and if looked after this will last for 30 – 40 years, making it a good investment for any table.
  3. Rack Care:
    • When not in use, store the rack (triangle) away from the table to prevent it from leaning on the cloth or causing any damage.
  4. Maintain Cue Sticks:
    • Keep the tips of cue sticks in good condition by regularly replacing or reshaping them as needed.
    • Store cue sticks vertically in a cue rack to prevent warping.
  5. Clean the Pockets:
    • Periodically check and clean the pockets. Remove any debris or balls that may have become stuck in the pockets.
  6. Protect Against Sunlight:
    • Avoid placing the billiard table in direct sunlight or near windows, as UV rays can fade the cloth and damage the wood.
  7. Cover the Table:
    • When the table is not in use, cover it with a billiard table cover to protect it from dust, sunlight, and accidental spills.
  8. Schedule Professional Maintenance:
    • Consider hiring a professional billiard table technician to inspect and service your table periodically. They can re-level the table, replace worn parts, and ensure it’s in optimal condition.
  9. Maintain Proper Humidity:
    • Billiard tables are sensitive to changes in humidity, which can cause the cloth to expand or contract. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier as needed to maintain a consistent humidity level in the room where the table is located.
  10. Avoid Heavy Objects:
    • Avoid placing heavy objects or sitting on the table’s rails, as this can cause damage to the frame or playing surface.

Regular maintenance and care will help prolong the life of your billiard table and provide you with many years of enjoyable gameplay. It’s important to follow these guidelines to ensure that your table remains in top condition.


Other services we offer include brushing, polishing of timberwork and hardware, ironing, and, most importantly, leveling.


Anyone familiar with the Aussie classic ‘The Castle’ will appreciate the importance of leveling and be relieved to know that I don’t level the table in the same way as Darryl did!