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Billiard and Pool Table Removals

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Whether you have bought a billiard table second hand, or you are moving premises, your billiard table needs to be professionally moved. For most people, this is a task that would result in damage, injury, or both. We move billiard tables the right way.


With 20 years of experience, we can help you with all aspects of the dismantling, removal, moving, and re-assembly of billiard, snooker, and pool tables.


Depending on the size of the billiard table, it may need to be fully dismantled for removal, as access (and the sheer weight of the table) usually do not allow for the table to be taken out in one whole piece. Every billiard table needs to be dismantled for safe transport. The same applies to the removal of pool tables, and snooker tables.





Sometimes your billiard table may need dismantling only, whether you are remodeling the room and need the billiard room cleared and then put back when the work is finished, or the table may need to be dismantled for Removalists if you are moving overseas or interstate. Most removalist companies do not touch billiard tables, as they can be easily damaged if not dismantled and moved properly, and the repairs can be costly.





If you are in need of off-site dry and secure storage, we have storage facilities, whether short or long-term, to store your billiard table.

You may find your dream billiard table, but your billiard room may not be ready just yet. Also, check our room sizes page!  I can dismantle and move the billiard table to my premises, and re-assemble the table when your room is ready. Or you could be undertaking renovations and do not want the table in the way and risk experiencing costly damage.

Maybe you are having a party, leasing out your place for an Airbnb, or simply want the space cleared.





You may need your billiard table set up and installed if you have bought a table from overseas, or an imported table has been dropped off at your premises. We are experienced in installing many different styles of billiard tables from all over the world, including tables that have no holes in them (Carom billiards table).

Maybe you have had your table crated and shipped by your removalist company, and need it re-assembled. We can certainly assist with that.

Billiard Table Removals