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Pool Tables vs Billiard Tables vs Snooker Tables?

Generally, you’ll find pool tables in pubs. They are smaller tables but sometimes the pockets are larger which means the game ends faster and you’ve impressed your mates/girlfriend/boyfriend with your pool-playing prowess!


Pockets can be square cut or round cut, and some tables don’t even have pockets! Whilst tables can be used for many different games, pool tables are generally just to play 8 ball or 9 ball games using the numbered balls commonly known as Kelly Pool Balls.


Generally, snooker tables are larger and used for the game of snooker, which uses ten or fifteen red balls (depending on the size of the table) and six coloured balls. Usually played on full-sized tables in clubs, but you can actually play snooker on any size of the table, as long as the ball size is correct. Most tables aren’t referred to as snooker tables despite the popularity of the game, mainly in the United Kingdom and Europe.



Most people call their table a ‘billiard table,’ but did you know that billiards is only played with three balls?


Most people do not know how to play the game of billiards, instead playing pool or snooker. However, tables are still most commonly known as billiard tables to this day. Traditionally billiard tables only came in one size – 12 x 6 feet meaning that they have most commonly been found in clubs or large-scale homes.


As people’s living arrangements and homes have changed over time, so to have the sizes and functionalities of tables. It is not uncommon to now find dual-purpose tables that can easily be converted for table tennis or eating. Some with the addition of a dining table top. Whilst most tables are made in the traditional form, contemporary styles are increasing in popularity.


What’s the Difference Between Pool Tables vs Billiard Tables vs Snooker Tables? Now you know!  Ask us to find out more.