Room Size


Billiard Table Room Size Chart

The table below is just a guide for the Billiard table room size and the size of room required for different size tables. Sometimes a room may be wider than required, but may be shorter than what is recommended, but still be ok to play. Shorter cues are available in these instances,  where the ball is sitting on the cushion, and being played straight down the table. These type of shots are infrequent, but do occur.

The table below shows Ideal Billiard table room sizes, which means the playing will not be restricted at all,  and also Restricted  Billiard table room sizes, which mean that occassionally you may need a shorter cue.


Table Size

Restricted Room Size

Ideal Room Size

Pub Size

7′ x 3’6″

 15′ x 11’6″  4570 x 3510mm  16’6″ x 13′ 5030 x 3960

Half Size

8′ x 4′

 16′ x 12′ 4880 x 3660 mm  17′ 6″ x 13’6″ 5330 x 4110mm

Three Quarter Size

9′ x 4’6″

 17′ x 12’6″ 5180 x 3810mm  18’6″ x 14′ 5640 x 4260mm

American Full Size

10′ x 5′

 18′ x 13′ 5480 x 3960mm  19’6″ x 14’6″  5940 x 4420mm

Full Size

12′ x 6′

 20′ x 14′ 6100 x 4260mm  22′ x 16′ 6700 x 4880mm