Billiard table clothing sydney

Your Billiard Table may need re clothing for many reasons- replacing old/worn cloth,  damage/torn cloth or just an update to match your decor.

Using only the best quality English cloth, WBA Billiards can come to you, and replace the Billiard cloth on your table. Whether just replacing the bedcloth , or a full recloth of the bed and cushions, this work is carried out on site.

We use Strachans cloth and Hainsworth cloth for our re cloths, as the quality has alway been there, and is proven to last up to 30+ years in a home environment.

There are a number of different colours avialable which are shown below


English pool cloths

Olive Blue Burgundy Black Red Purple Navy Slate Blue
Slate Blue
Spruce Grey Gold Chocolate Electric Blue Paprika Bronze Beige


Hainsworth Logo

Hainsworth Smart Cloth

 Re Rubbering

The rubbers on a Billiard table  are located on the cushions, and enable the ball to rebound. There should be very good bounce on a Billiard table and, over time, these rubbers may die.

Generally the ball should be able to rebound 4-5+ times. If a tables bounce dies, the rubbers may need replacing. This is generally undertaken off site, as it is messy and  specialised tools are needed. A good time to check if rubbers need replcing is when you are reclothing the table, as the cushion cloth has to be taken off to get to the rubbers, and replaced with new cloth.

Re polishing

With age, and exposure to the sun, Billiard tables suffer wear and tear, both on the cloth and the timberwork. Polishing the timber can improve the look and the life of your table. Whether the table needs a full strip, sand and re polish, or the cushions only need a re polish, as the top timber suffers arks and dings fro cue knocks, belt buckles, etc…, this work can be carried out by us.


Using an extremely accurate Engineers level, we coe to you andadjust the level of your table by lifting/jacking up the table adjusting the legs, and checking the level. whether you are getting your table installed, for the first time, or the table has moved over time, and level is out, we come to you andadjust the level